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Some statistics:

From 2001 to now from 603 prisoners who were and are currently held in 66 correctional facilities, and from 66 of their relatives and friends 4,034 letters were received, to which 3,200 replies were sent, including 777 parcels and money orders.

From correspondence:

  • Thanks God!

    First of all, I want to thank the Lord for the mercy and privilege shown to me. to testify and tell people about what the Lord has done in my life and people lives around me. Someone say - AMEN! The Lord Jesus has done, is doing, and will be to make, regardless of the locks or the bars with barbed wire, and indeed - no matter what! Amen. For Him there are no boundaries in space, no time limits. I will talk about how the Lord works at a distance and through distances, from here, from the bonds. He is omnipresent and Almighty! Hallelujah! And amen. Once anointed Jesus said these words:

    “And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” (John 8:32)

    For a long time I could not understand what kind of truth it was and what kind of freedom He was talking about. Why? Yes, because for those who spent most of their lives on this side of the fence the word FREEDOM is understood only by one interchangeable word, which is located on the other side of the fence - WILL. Another definition, FREEDOM, which Jesus spoke of, did not yield...

    However, let's get things in order. My name is Kostya, I’m 50 years old, I come from Moldova, but most of my life (if this, of course, it could be called life) I lived in Ukraine. In the spring of 1973 in Moldova was strong landslide, and our house went underground. Father decided to move to Ukraine, where to this day all my relatives and friends live...

    I was married twice; I have a son from my first marriage and a daughter from my second. Have I ever been happy? I thought that “yes”, but after a while I realized that it only seemed to me. A I understood this only when Jesus burst into my life, Who said to me in plain text: “Kostya, all the happiness that you had without Me was nothing but self-deception for complacency". After this revelation, my conscience spoke up and asked me: “Have you ever loved?” You know, if someone asked me this question from the outside, then without thinking, I would answer “yes”. And that would be a terrible deception. You can deceive anyone, but not yourself, much less your awakened conscience, which convicted me of "how much I loved." If I got up dilemma: friends or family? – my “love” chose friends; alcohol or family? – then it became apparent to me that my “love” loved alcohol more. So are cigarettes, and so, and so, and so on. No, I was neither an alcoholic nor a drug addict, but I did; was addicted, but was not in the system. From childhood I lived according to the laws of the street, which insisted that it is better to live one day as a lion than a jackal all my life. By worldly standards, when others see you as a lion, it was very cool. And it flattered me. I was very flattered when around me girls and boys were buzzing, like a worried bee hive, then – “dudes” and wenches, and even later – lads with “chicks” who lifted me up such heights that you could only dream of.  Well, and I, in order to look even cooler in their eyes, began to do things that even today I am ashamed to remember. I don’t want to remember yet for that the reason is that someone can throw sweat from these memories of mine, and someone shivers. And if still more precisely, I simply cannot afford to describe all my “exploits”, because there were so many of them that I hardly remember them all. Also, I do not intend to complain and complain neither to my parents, nor to school, nor to a generation of older people who supposedly did not educate me properly, did not teach how live right and not stopped on time. I will say briefly: I was brought up, and taught, and even tried to stop me in time, but the whole problem was that I myself was without brakes. My pride and my self-love rushed at full speed. I hope many of you know firsthand what it would mean. Well, for those who are generally far from such ideas, I will quote someone’s quatrains in order to show who and how I was before meeting with Jesus.

    "Hot pepper pod,

    Generous soil jubilant scream -

    I probably burned the earth

    From which I came as an imp”


    The same in Russian transliterated:

    "Raskalyonnogo pertsa struchok,

    Shchedroy pochvy likuyushchiy krik –

    Ya, navernoye, zeml’u prozhog,

    Iz kotoroy chert’onkom voznik”

    The most amazing thing in my life was that I was completely deprived of a sense of fear. In any case, I thought so. Therefore, I could afford, if not everything, then much, and even have mercy or put to death ...

    I did not think that for all my atrocities someone could ask me. I didn’t think because that I was not afraid, and where there is no fear, then everything is allowed in the world. My adventures began somewhere from seven years old. I remember very well how the first time I went to first grade, but for some reason I didn’t get to school, and didn’t return home: I was taken off the train by police officers in Novosibirsk, where I was delivered to the children's reception center. My father came for me and took me home. Neither on the road nor at home he not only did not touch me with his finger, but even did not ask a single question. You never know how could it happens that the child turned out to be in Novosibirsk. Honestly, I myself don’t know how it all happened. But I know something else: I liked it so much on the train that my feeling and passion for travel took such power over me that I couldn’t resist it, I had neither the strength nor the desire. And off we go ...

    New cities – new adventures. The trick was that in each new city win a place under the sun. In this fight, battles and wars, I tempered my character to such an extent that anyone who would "hankers" for what I already considered mine, I was ready to bite with my teeth. From a very young age, I realized that where force is accompanied by arrogance, there is power... When I was 10 years old, I first came to the capital of what was then the Motherland, Moscow. Directly from the station (it seems from Kievsky) got "that chickens in the pluck". Someone came up to me and, learning that I was going from nowhere to nowhere, silently, "like a claw crab," clung to my hand and led to the car. The lion pride developed within me did not allow me to scream. My motto was "better to die than to call someone for help”. Oh god! I keep thinking about how much they roam today the streets of cities like I used to be? And nobody cares about them. Y-yes! Children are our flowers tore off the bouquet, and to the "juvie". There they bloom, and then, when they go free flowering. And let this little digression be thought-provoking. men. So, stranger brought me to some town near Moscow and settled in a house. In the room where I was settled, there were already seven tramps like me. The doors were locked outside, so there was no question of an escape. The "toilet amenities" were right in the room. We were fed as if for slaughter. We, eight from nowhere to nowhere, were preparing for something. To what? We were completely indifferent. We were firmly convinced that nothing bad things cannot happen to us. Adult men would not dare to offend 10-year-old boys. Guvnors, of course, would not dare; – we will do it ourselves. Do not be surprised at what I will write below, because on the territory of the "sovdepiya" anything was possible...

    We ate overseas products for exactly one week, then they put us on a bus and drove somewhere. I don’t know if the accompanying people were afraid of us, but they blindfolded us. Upon arrival, we were led along some corridor, then down the stairs, then again along the corridor, and again down the stairs until we came to some room. I did not see who spoke to me, but he saw me. From the moment we were blindfolded in the bus, the guys and I didn’t see each other again until we met under other circumstances. Human, whom I didn’t see, told me that I must work out the food products with which they me fed for a week. The task that I was given was to enter the ring and crush the “muzzle” of the same tramp as I myself was. It was not a boxing ring, but a ring in which fights were held without rules. We children were also supposed to fight without any rules. It is in that ring another trait of my character appeared – hatred. You don’t want to beat – they beat you. We were not namby-pambies, but we were dudes, hardened by cold, hunger and constant fighting. Children’s fights without rules only large guys and broads went to watch. The commoner had nothing to do there. And besides, they didn’t know what could be. We fought one against one, and to further ignite the audience, sometimes they released two against one. I don’t know why, but the fate of the “loner” against the “two” went to me. If they attacked me at the same time, it was not known how everything would turn. But on happiness to me they decided to take me one at a time. I broke arm of the first right away, so he was no longer up to me. And with the second, I “played” as I wanted. To all the same, I myself took such ardor that adults barely stopped me...

    I was from the category of those people who did not like to obey, and if so, then decided to give battle to the guvnors, and say “ADIEU!” to them! I resorted to one tried and true effective reception – letting guard down. And when my guvnor was completely subordinate to mine “childish naivety”, I with all my dope kicked him into the “family nest”. After his eyes acquired a "look of a soulless jellyfish", I calmly turned and went, as usual: to nowhere. I don’t know, why my memory highlighted this particular episode from my childhood, but I know something else – if something is highlighted, so it should be. And I wrote this not for fun, but to show that a person is not a sovereign creature that can do as he pleases. Human is a spirit clothed in flesh, and regardless of age, our spirit is subordinate to another spirit. There are two dominant spirits; one Spirit is God, the second is Satan. They cannot get along in one person: this is unthinkable. Therefore, either Satan or God rules the human life. There is no third. And how I sometimes regret that I understood it too late...

    After all the “sports” described above, I realized how much injustice in the world!? You will not believe that it was at the age of ten that I decided to quit the challenge of any injustice begets evil. Whatever tricks I go to to restore justice! It seemed to me all the time that I was doing everything right, helping individuals and society as a whole. But I didn’t understand the main thing: to fight evil through evil will not lead to good...

    I will not focus your attention on everything through which the devil dragged me through life. Therefore, I will be as concise as possible. Fight for justice brought me to the dock at age 16. "Juvie" is also a kind of school, which taught me her lessons. If the public thinks in order to re-educate and correct a person, he must be isolated from society, in this case public is deeply mistaken... But this is also another topic. After the "juvie" maximum security imprisonment was, then again maximum security and again maximum, and then “lifer”. “Life imprisonment” was replaced to me later, at first I was sentenced to shooting down. For three years I was on death row until the execution was replaced by lifer, but all this was later. But when they brought me from the court of law, they threw me into the cell, and the door slammed behind me, leaving me alone with myself, oh! It was something! To convey in words or describe – no, it is impossible! What happens to a person, his soul and his conscience in the remaining period of time that you spend in anticipation of the execution of the sentence, only two know: God, who sees everything, knows and feels, and the one who goes through it...

    Today, looking back, I understand that time, spent on death row was the most favorable time for me. Uncertainty scares and pleases at the same time. But I will not go into philosophy. I can only say one thing: in the remaining time, contrition came by itself. Not repentance, but contrition. You know, it was so sincere and heart, that if at that moment I was asked to tear my own heart out of my chest so that give it to someone else, I would do it without hesitation. For a long time I could not understand why I did not died earlier, because I was drowning, they cut me, they shot me, the police chased me on the roof of nine-story house, and I was running away. I ran so that I didn’t notice how I jumped over the parapet of the roof, flew nine floors, landed on my feet and... continued to run further... Several times I jumped from trains at their full speed, and not a scratch. "Why?" I interrogated myself, measuring the camera by steps, three there and three back. Why did I have to live to see the day on which I took a person’s life? There, in the cell, I realized what it means to feel fear. And the most amazing thing was that fear wasn't for myself and my own skin, but fear for family and friends. Also I didn't care anymore what should be happen to me, but it wasn't all equal for me what would happen to my relatives. I imagined that for the rest of their lives they would be stabbed in the eye with my name, I was seized by horror. I, sinfully, even wanted to lay hands on myself, but inside me the same voice sounded all the time, which asked me not to do this, said, that there is a way out. But my logic spoke something completely different, that there is no way out anymore...

    This struggle, the fighting myself, the battle of darkness with light continued throughout the year, until the New Testament miraculously got into my cell. I read "greedily", I read, but did not understand anything. I hope many remember the story of the eunuch from Acts 8. It took me another year to make my mind not reckon with reality, and switch it to heaven. Praise and thanks be to the Lord; He succeeded open my spiritual eyes to me, so that I can see that there really is an EXIT! And His name is Jesus!!! Hallelujah! He showed me that this EXIT is so real that even if they shoot me, I will still be accepted into His arms. But at the same time, He pointed out to me two unconditional conditions: to believe that He is the Son of God, who came in the flesh to save the world, and repentance. After I agreed in my heart with these divine conditions, the Holy Spirit took over the matter.

    I could not understand and appreciate everything that was happening. Could not for the reason that I no longer belonged to myself. Holy Spirit threw me on my knees and, with tears in my eyes, I fulfilled the conditions that were put forward to me by God. Getting up from my knees, I lay down on the plank-bed, and for the first time since the sentence, I fell asleep with a baby’s sleep. It was May 25, 1997. I woke up a completely different person. Since then I have not parted with Jesus even for a minute. You know, as soon as I woke up, I immediately realized what it means FREEDOM, about which Jesus spoke. My feelings of guilt, fear and insecurity have disappeared. I have found peace and quiet! Hallelujah! It became so cool for me that all the cameras that were in the neighborhood and on the contrary heard me sing. I sang everything that came to my mind, and that the Truth is Jesus, who set me free in spirit, soul and body! Hallelujah! As spiritual growth progressed, trials began. However, Jesus Christ never said that after we accept Him as our Lord and Savior, our life will be like in oil. On the contrary, He warned us that in this earthly life we will face many unpleasant things that He concluded in one word – TRIBULATION. But the peace and tranquility that we have found in Him inspire us with a firm belief that we will emerge victorious from any trial.

    “These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.” (John 16:33)

    I will tell you what Jesus meant by saying this. Tribulation doesn't mean that it catches up with us when we lose relatives and people close to us. Tribulation can overtake a person at any circumstances, even when we are very well... In 1999, I fell ill. Doctors could not determine and establish a diagnosis. I melted like a candle. From 76 kg I passed up to 42 in just a couple of weeks. Pricked 4 times a day; drank up to 20 tablets. Nothing helped. The symptoms were getting worse and worse. The body completely refused to eat. The injections did not resolve and my “prat” turned into a solid cobblestone. Both the doctors and the prison administration predicted a near end to me. I no longer thought about myself, but had tribulation that my body refused to obey me. I had tribulation about the time that I had killed ineptly, pleasing the devil and all his whims. My tribulation kept returning me to the past, which, unfortunately, could not be returned to fix something. Death that I inspired, painted me all kinds of pictures. The feeling of guilt grew stronger in me every minute and stronger. What just did not have to regret! Tribulation is when you are tormented by your own a conscience that keeps you from falling asleep day or night... Nothing can shake faith like guilt. This is one of the most clever provocations of the devil. Doctors predicted me a few weeks of life, maybe a month, but my spirit struggled for a year and a half. When “moving” from camera to camera, I fell with a mattress right on the corridor. By that time, my body had completely surrendered, but not the spirit that shouted in me that the prayer of faith would heal the sick! And that with His stripes I was healed 2,000 years ago! Glory to you Lord! Today we know that healing for someone comes instantly, and for someone after some time. The Lord is impartial; He gives everything the same to everyone! Amen. It already depends on us: to be healed right now or a little later, it depends on us: start to succeed right now or a little later, etc. etc. The Lord has already done everything! We can only reach out and take. Give the child candy, and you will see and learn what it means to take from Christ’s hands what He offers for free. There is one more point: when we give the child candy, we tell him why we gave it to him, and immediately put him before a choice for the future, saying that if he continues to be show obedience, then he will get more candy, or even what he wants... In the same way occurs in the spiritual realm. The Lord gave us salvation by GIFT, and he also forgiven our sins for nothing. If we took IT, then we should take everything else, but at the same time, being on the basis of sonship, we must fulfill the conditions that the Father sets for us! Praise the Lord that you understood this! Amen. Please follow what I did. After I prayed, I did two things: accepted, and refused. I accepted the healing and refused the services of the medical unit. And that’s it! Miracle that the Lord committed happened instantly. Doctors wanted to stab me forcibly, but the Name of Jesus Christ convinced them not to do this. Hallelujah! And again I fell asleep in a calm sleep. The next morning I wanted to eat so that I could hardly wait for breakfast. Two weeks later, all those who predicted my death were in shock. And since I accepted Divine healing for more than nine years, even the common cold has not any power over me. Thanks be to God!

    I realized what it means to hold onto the Word and hold on to Him with all his nature. Nothing and no one will convict us as the Holy Spirit does when we accept from God only what we like and what is beneficial. Therefore, if we accept, then should take everything literally, even if it’s unpleasant for us. Satan will do everything possible and impossible, to take as many people as possible to hell. Most of all he tries to act in the life of those who have sided with God. Sinners are not interesting to him; they are already in his power. And here we who renounced him once and for all should be very careful to prevent him from approaching us. If we are the executors of the Word, then nothing else remains for the devil, as fear us. The power, authority, and Name that the Son of God has given us make the enemy vulnerable throughout our journey of following Jesus. Amen.

    Let me give some examples and testify of the miracles that the Lord performed in the lives of other people, using me as His warrior. Let's not forget that in this earthly life, we are not only laborers in the field of God, but also fighters in the field spiritual battles of light with darkness. We must not only pray for a person, but also fight for him. Fight, and beat the enemy with force so that she sees who she had to face and that "For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds" (2 Cor. 10: 4).

    Amen. So, one funny warrant ensign was working in prison. Always, as soon as he came to his work shift he looked into peepholes, started joking and encouraging us with a kind word. We, sentenced to death "vyshki", respected him very much, because such people in prisons are very rare... For this reason I will not mention his name either. Somehow he suddenly disappeared, and I did not see him for about six months, and when he reappeared, it was completely another man. He looked as if he had buried his whole family one day; in two words – killed completely. After our conversation, I learned from him that his only daughter rode on bike and she was hit by a car. Doctors saved her life, but the girl fell into a coma. After six useless months of fighting with a coma, doctors gave her home, telling her parents that she could be saved only a miracle, otherwise let them be ready to lose the only child, who has been in a coma for seven months now. The girl was seven years old. Pay attention to these numbers, I still don’t know why they influenced me so. I asked him: “What do you believe in? The fact that she will live, or what doctors have sentenced her to?”. “What are you, Kostya, what parents wish their child to die?” – He answered the question with a question. “Then if not doubt that the Lord can bring her back to life, in the next shift bring me one of her dresses, and you will see the glory of God! Don't tell your wife anything”, I warned him and said goodbye to him until the next shift. And now, I want to ask the reader of these lines to pause and ask the listeners a question: “Do you think we have waited for his next shift?”... No, we not waited!!! Thanks God!!! After our conversation, he immediately asked a colleague to replace him, and rushed home. At lunchtime, a feeding trough opened, and along with lunch he handed me a dress. As you guessed it, I had neither the time nor the desire to lunch. In such situations, the Holy Spirit does not hesitate. If a person’s faith drove him home, then this told me about the result for which I freed my faith. The voice of Jesus sounded in me at my best: “Talitha cumi! Talitha cumi!! Talitha cumi!!!" My cellmate, who was a bystander and eyewitness to what was happening, then told me as I pressed the dress to my chest and started talking to him as an animate object, and the last the words that I said were: "Damsel, I say unto thee, arise!" All this, of course, I don’t remember, therefore I mentioned a cellmate. For dinner, I returned the dress to the girl’s father and said so that upon arrival home he put it on the child. Thanks God! Then everything went according to that scenario, which was ALREADY written by God. Amen. In the next shift, I saw the cheerful and again laughing ensign who told me that when he came home, he went straight to the girl’s bedroom, put the dress on her, and he went to the kitchen. The wife was busy near the stove, and he sat down at the table and pulled out of his pocket cigarettes. Do you think he lit a cigarette? No! A hand with a cigarette froze halfway to his mouth... In the doorway to the kitchen appeared his daughter! She stood, looked at him closely, then went to mother from behind, and hugging her as much as her growth allowed, she said: “Mom, I want to eat!” You know when he was told this I cried and laughed; rejoiced as if not the daughter of a warrant ensign, but my daughter the Lord lifted from a coma. Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Amen. In his next shift, I learned that he and his whole family accepted Jesus as their Lord, and that he is quitting this job since this work not for the believer. He told me so. After a while I received a grocery parcel. Among gifts lay a sheet of paper on which was written in large letters: "The workman is worthy of his meat.” Of course, I guessed who the package was from. We never saw him again...

    If now I’ll list all the miracles that the Lord performed in my life and the lives of those around me, I just don’t have enough paper, but I’ll tell you about some. Next miracle was that the Lord took the executioner's hand away from me to save my life this time. Praise and Thanksgiving to God! Now I firmly know why the Lord kept me throughout my life's journey. He has for me His own plans. Amen. In 2005, one person was brought to us, or rather, his shell. His mind was so muddied by Devil that he slept in his own “shit” and ate it. To which only psychiatric hospitals he was not taken, but any results. In his case all medicine turned out to be powerless. Since with such an object to live in the same room none of those who considered themselves "normal" did not want then he was placed solitary confinement. At this time, in solitary confinement sat another person with whom no one wanted to sit with (he had an open form of tuberculosis). I received a command from the Lord to pull Basil out of solitude. But... for this I had to collect "tuberculars" in one chamber, which I did. The administration at first did not want to settle me, healthy a person with those who spit blood, feared for my health. With God's help I managed to convince the administration that nothing will happen to me, because I am clothed in the armor of God, and therefore no ulcer will come nearer to my dwelling! Thank God! Amen. Vasya was transferred from a loner to me, when I was already sitting with two "tubes". I sat with them for over a year, they all accepted Jesus and water baptism! Hallelujah! As for their healing, they themselves did not want the Lord to heal them. This is how God works! He will never go against our right to choose. We only get what we choose ourselves. Now I’ll continue with regard to Vadik, whom, it would seem, refused all in this world... At that moment everything was fine with me, I was already sitting with other people, among which I got myself another brother. And despite this, in the spirit I felt some discomfort, and absolutely did not understand what was happening. And then one day, before going to bed, I asked the Lord explain to me what is happening to me. And He answered me! Hallelujah! He woke me up in the middle of the night and said that I should pick up Vadik to myself. I did not consult with cellmates, much less with the flesh, and I began immediately in the morning to resolve this issue. When the guys found out about my intentions, their eyes took the form of a square in which a silent question sounded: "Are you normal?" and to which I answered aloud: – Think what you want, but I know that “God hath chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the wise; and God hath chosen the weak things of the world to confound the things which are mighty”(1 Cor. 1:27). All! In the same day I was transferred to the “two-seater” together with Vadik. What I saw cannot be described, and it was also difficult to call him a man. Whatever it was, but the same voice sounded in me: He – it's me!!! – my spirit was burning so that even all firefighters, if they were put together in a heap, could not be able put out. I challenged the devil himself and had to defeat him, despite all his resistance. Three times a day I bathed Vadik, washed, fed from a spoon, etc. etc. If anyone of you ever looked after a completely helpless person, then he will understand what I'm talking about.

    I was absolutely not afraid of inadequate actions on the part of Vadik, because He Who commanded I take responsibility for this person, He keeps everything under His control. Amen. Without Jesus, I could not have done what no doctors could do. Whatever I do I was always guided by the Word of God, which says "... for without me ye can do nothing”(John 15:5). After four months of battle, with God's help, I managed to acquire for Him one more soul. Hallelujah! We have been together with Vadik for more than two years. He repented, took the water baptism today is a full member of the family of God!

    Oh, praise and glory to you, Jesus! And how I wish that every Christian will give You the opportunity to act through him. I pray to the Lord in the Name of Jesus Christ, so that every Christian realizes that God desires that through everyone, and not a separate, special Christian His presence was manifested everywhere and everywhere, regardless nor of our feelings nor circumstances! Amen. God be my witness today all my relatives are children of God! But upon a time they sent me letters full curses. But all ancient passed, and today, thanks be to God, they all not just so called, but are the children of the Living God, and serve Him, in proportion to the strength that the Lord gives them! Hallelujah!

    In the end, let me say the following: if we are Christians, then let's not quench within the Holy Spirit and thereby not limit God's abilities and opportunities that must manifest through us. Amen. And may the Lord protect you from evil, temptations and temptations of this world! In the Name of Jesus Christ! All glory to him! Amen.

    I wish you all success in God's Field! Be blessed! With the love of Christ for you, and prayer for you, King David. 08/03/2010

    "King" David
  • My dear Victor, Tatyana, David, Philip and Victor Jr.

    Grace to you and peace from God the Father and our Lord Jesus Christ! Today the brothers Alik and Sergey handed me a letter addressed to them, but written about me. Thank you for your attention to me, and in general to all of Christ! However, what strikes me most is the fact that literally everyone I am with I have communication, easily accepted the satanic lie that I supposedly died. This once again speaks of so that we are attentive to what we hear and how we hear, because “devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour". Below I will write why he decided to start this rumor. You know very well what Jesus said: “Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost: Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and, lo, I am with you alway, even unto the end of the world” (Matt. 28:19,20). Proceeding from this, I have a question: is this command of Christ not inspires many Christians to this truly blessed service for the Savior? Not whether our passivity is an insult to the Holy Spirit, the passivity that cuts our ears with Jesus words: “I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity” (Matt. 7:23).

    After all, if we truly bear the Anointing, then we, no matter what, by the Power of the Holy Spirit should turn as many people as possible from darkness to light, and not sit and wait for someone for us did it. The right to bring souls to the Savior is given to every Christian, every member of the Church, and not some kind of individual person. The gospel and the gifts of the Holy Spirit are two different things.

    We will never become the owner of at least one of the gifts, if we do not bring people Good news.

    Being here before my trip, I also thought, like many others, that I was doing everything right. But when I left the walls of this casemate, I was faced with a reality that I did not see in a dream would. The Lord opened my eyes to the real things that were hidden for me in this institution. Today, the brothers are trying to find in me a reason that impedes my healing. Funny to tears! They don’t want to take into account the fact that God not yet rolled across Ukraine like me no one of life imprisonment. It is not for us to judge the ways in which God acts in our lives so that we can serve Him. Of course, I know very well that The Lord does not send any disease, but He can let Satan come to us, as in the case of Job. And it is not for us to indicate to Him. Amen. Thanks to Him and only to Him, I was in Kharkov, Kiev, Dnepropetrovsk, Lugansk, Vinnitsa, Khmelnitsky and in Lviv (in the near future I will go to Lviv again). And in all of these cities God gave me success in work on His field, for which I give Him all glory! Hallelujah! Anointing of Holy Spirit and His dominion in me and above me allowed me to bring 27 souls to the Lord. And this was in just nine months. And imagine what a victory over darkness it would be if did I have more time? But not as I want, but as God pleases!

    You know, I’m absolutely not worried about my state of health. Discomfort, of course, does occur, but, praise God, I do not attach any importance to him! I am more concerned about the fate of those souls who are under the rule of the enemy. It’s most unfortunate that there are many brothers who do not want to do anything for the Lord. "Buried" in their prison cells, like monks in their cells - and no matter what happens. They are too wise to be just ordinary believers. They are so they write beautifully to me and know so much that they blindly perceive nothing simple and obvious. They are so preoccupied with personal self-righteousness that they don’t understand what the person he wants to use God, he must realize that everything that he does, he must do in the glory of God. And he has there should be no other motivating reason for the Lord's work in His field. I am a student Of Christ, and if the Word of God tells me: “open thy mouth wide, and I will fill it”, then this is exactly what I do, rather than sitting with closed lips awaiting a blessing. You always have to be ready to say everything what the Holy Spirit allows you to say, ignoring the consequences and responses of other people. Our the duty is to approach the unsaved soul as if its repentance depends on us, and at the same time remember that only the Holy Spirit can make our work productive. We must languish about His souls with His languor, crying over them with His tears, if we really wish salvation to the soul. If we are believers, but do not have love, then we are nothing! Only love and imitation of the Holy Spirit, and of the methods of the Lord Jesus Christ, we can gain wisdom how to save souls! And amen!

    I wanted to write a simple letter, but I got a sermon. And thank God for that! Therefore, if if you consider it necessary, then read this message in the Church. And in conclusion I write why the devil me "Buried." He was not happy with what I was doing for God, because it caused him tremendous anxiety. And since I am not available to him, he decided to use his loved reception - a lie. And regrettably, he succeeded.

    Accept my dear, my brotherly salutation and know that my earnest prayers for you will always accompany you so that you received the blessing themselves and served as a blessing to others! Amen!

    With the love of Christ King David

    August 2012

    "King" David

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