HSMI ministry has already opened four churches in Ukraine and a church in Norway.. We stand in faith for the salvation of thousands of souls for the glory of God, thanks to the powerful action of the Holy Spirit, affecting all walks of life. The glory of God will draw many to Christ.

"Christian" - from the word "Christ", which translates as "Anointing" or "Anointed." In other words, β€œChristian” means β€œanointed,” like Christ himself. If there is ANOINTING, then He is visible. It will somehow manifest itself: perhaps in healings, perhaps in the supernatural, and this is not so important. It is important that IT exists, and not which of the infinite number of ways IT operates. Jesus never convinced anyone that He was the Anointed. He simply showed it, and the Father who sent Him proved it by the action of the Holy Spirit. And from the fact that someone could not accommodate this, He did not cease to act and do His work.

Many people wear golden crosses or attend various churches and call themselves Christians. But not all are Christians in the true sense of the word, if they are without the Anointing. That is why it is very difficult for them to serve their β€œGod” with their own forces, to convince everyone and to prove the presence of God's power on them. Jesus said that everything that He does, and we can create, and more. If this is not in our life, then either Jesus is a deceiver, or we are.

The manifestation of the Glory of God, miracles and signs will draw many to Christ.The Church of Jesus Christ is organized by the Lord Himself. Those who believe in Jesus and receive Him in their hearts, souls which are born again, are sealed by the Holy Spirit for eternal life in the Kingdom of God. Those who do not accept Jesus Christ as their Savior will perish forever in hell.

Word From Pastor Victor Petrenko

The Lord performs amazing miracles in our ministry. No matter where we travel as missionaries, my wife, prophetess Tatyana and I are amazed every time we look at the miracles and power of God that are being manifested. Everywhere there are people longing for the reality of God in their lives.

After graduating from a Bible institute in Florida, we together with the children moved to Ukraine for a long time, then, already without children, to Norway to continue revival services in churches. Together with other people, we admire the powerful action of God's hand, which manifests itself in strange events that happen in our services. During the sermon, people begin to cry, laugh in indescribable joy, some fall.
I am happy and amazed at the wonderful touch of God to His children and His mighty Power! Many people who have already experienced the touch of God, the refreshment, and the tremendous change in the Spirit of God’s Spirit in their spirit, went in awakening to win souls to Christ!

I am very happy and grateful to the Lord for His Love and for the fact that He so blesses people. God touches souls in different ways, gives many new hope and happiness in salvation. Regardless of the circumstances in which they were, many testified of the great changes in life in the joy and peace overwhelming them from God. Through the power of the Holy Spirit, people have been completely changed. Many run to Jesus themselves, being saved, physically healed, filled with indescribable joy from the mercies of God! I am very happy for His Anointing, for the presence of His Glory, for His Love and Grace! The fire of awakening captures many souls to the glory of God!