The immense greatness of power in us

Paul, by the will of God, the Apostle of Jesus Christ, holy and faithful in Christ Jesus at Ephesus: grace to you and peace from God […]

Valley of the Shadow of Death

Psalm of David. The Lord is my Shepherd; I won’t need anything: He rests me in the evil pastures and leads me to quiet waters, strengthens […]

Miracles in heaven, signs on earth

At the day of Pentecost, they were all unanimously together. And suddenly a noise came from the sky, as if from a rushing strong wind, and […]

Secret and unexplored wealth

For this reason, I, Paul, [became] a prisoner of Jesus Christ for you Gentiles. As you have heard about the dispensation of the grace of God […]

Evidence of love

We, as fellow workers, implore you, so that the grace of God will not be in vain accepted by you. 2Cor. 6: 1 We inform you, […]

Life in happiness

So who is in Christ, [that] is a new creature; the ancient has passed, now everything is new. 2 Cor. 5:17 Turn away all your sins […]

Hear the voice of god

So, holy brethren, participants in the heavenly title, enlighten the Messenger and High Priest of our confession, Jesus Christ, who is faithful to him who set […]

Talent from God

When they listened to this, he added the parable: for He was near Jerusalem, and they thought that the Kingdom of God should soon be revealed. […]

God’s sudden coming

… for, as lightning comes from the east and is visible even to the west, so will the coming of the Son of Man. Mt.24: 27 […]