✈ Conferences 🚂

On March 7 & 14, 2021, joint conference was held by HSMI and Ministry of the prophet Marina Mavridi from Greece. Conference participants received updates and strengthening in the spirit for subsequent action in the grace of our Lord! Many received healing. Radical changes have occurred in the lives and destinies of the holy people of God. In such services it is impossible not to change in spirit! Faith increases, the spirit asserts itself, the state of the soul transforms! Only hearts thirsting for His Glory will be in His plan! Those seeking and hungry for Him will have great blessings. Everything will turn out for  yearn hearts thirsty of God!

We are very grateful to the Lord for His Lamp, the prophet of God Marina Mavridi!

It is time for God to act!

Welcome to the Annual Conferences of HSMI!

God is not finished His work on earth.
Much more is needed to accomplish for the glory of Christ, and that will shake the world is yet to come!
There are many more sinners to be saved, and much more His power and light we ought to release for the world.
From the testimonies of people we see, that time has come for legal rights for Holy Spirit to do His job. People from all over came to see what God does among Saints, praise God. They love and enjoy the presents of the Lord. The healing and salvations take place. It was a great opportunity for us to see the Hand of God. The fire of God touched many people, changed, delivered and saved them. How Wonderful the work of the Lord is.
Ministers of different Churches from many cities of Ukraine and Russia have taken part in the conference. Every meeting has been different, and the Holy Spirit is operating in a wonderful way. People experienced the Glory of God, joy, deliverance, and a spiritual renewal and healing from physical illnesses.


Doug Rowland 2011