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HSMI is in correspondence with many Christians, partners and people who are simply interested in its activities. Since the first time in 1999 we held services in 26 churches, we have received many letters testifying of how the Lord, filling people with the Holy Spirit, changes their lives. Usually in each church ministry lasts a week. People gain the joy of salvation, their hearts are filled with happiness and gratitude to God for the miracles performed by Him in their lives. Our unchanging goal is to convey the message that the Lord has given us. Many people have a desire to be financial partners of MSDS. If you wish to participate in the awakening, you can contact us.

Hope – how beautiful it is! To be free from everything and to be completely dependent on Him!That’s wonderful! In Hope – Peace and Peace! In Hope – complete happiness! In Hope? Yes! Everything is in Hope! In Hope – joy! What’s next? Joy in Hope! What about this and that, about this and that? In hope! Tomorrow is in Hope! Everything and everything is in Hope! Glory and glory, and praise, and glory to our great God of Forces! To Him alone and to Him alone – greatness and glory!

Gifting is good for the Body of Christ, but Love is better !!! And only She can lead to any feats of awakening, even death.

The gifts of the Spirit will not lead to the cross, to death. They are given for the Church.
But the magnificent Way of Love – Sacrifice, a Christian can go through more than one country – with awakening, with reform and transformation! He can do great for the glory of Christ!
Gifts must be jealous of, and Love must be achieved.
To achieve is training, practice, work. To achieve means hard work and striving to achieve greater and higher goals, to move to the bar higher. Love is achieved by sacrificial labor, then, sometimes by tears.
In love, there is always a price, and not without loss, not without death. And if you love, you will do everything, suffer a lot, lose a lot, although it is expensive.
The more you love, the more and more you sacrifice.
In the sacrificial sowing of yourself and all of yours you achieve even greater and better results of the desired.
And this does not apply at all to the words: “sister, I love you” – no! Easier said than done. Words are not love.
Words do not work and do not spin. And anyone can babble with his tongue from the age of three.
But love is a matter, a process, a movement, a flow.
And blessed is the man who lives this life – the life of diligence and diligent work!

If you even serve as one of the Gifts of the Holy Spirit, then this happens in edification, comfort and encouragement of the Church.

If you serve in love with this Gift, then this Gift has benefits and good for you.
Those who walk in love are blessed, and those who work without love are “hard workers” – they become tired, gaining nothing for themselves and not edifying themselves.

From history, we see that some of those who once served with the great Gifts of the Holy Spirit, subsequently fell away from Grace, are now in hell. Gifts are temporary, Love is eternal!
Just as faith without works is dead and useless, so love without sacrifice is words, and nothing more!
It is Love that accomplishes the great. Love produces influencing.
Lovers spend all their time on sacrifices, on testimonies to others, on work in Christ. They are always – in business, constantly busy with Him. They love, they work, they sacrifice. Theorists lose all their time on dogmas, teachings, concepts.
All the time they are busy with the performance of rituals, rules and orders. It’s hard to love by law, but they try their best.

And to us Christ left His Way, on which we need to go. And this excellent Way is Love!

Pastors Victor and Tatyana Petrenko